A quote by the CEO
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First LEGO PC, the Model Grond Black Edition
A quote by the CEO
Sebastian Bagiński's sygnature

About us

The GODERE company was founded in 2015. The company focuses on designing and producing High-class PC with cases made out of Lego –  Lego Computer. We assemble our workstations from scratch in order to provide our clients with  unique, original  pieces. The GODERE products are designed for computer enthusiasts who are looking for customized and High Performance devices who have a futuristic touch thanks to the use of Lego bricks .

Information about Lego PC

The term Lego Computer defines a type of personal computer whose structure consists of a motherboard and a Lego-made computer case. The main frame can be made out of steel,aluminum or acrylic glass (PMMA). Each motherboard tool is individually designed. The way all components are fixed to the motherboard and the case enables the easy sostitution,upgrading,maintaining and repairing of your Lego Computer. The Lego bricks are used to enclose the motherboard and build special pluggings for your personalized Lego Computer. Depending on the advancing of the device,it can be a module for HDD, SDD, Blue-ray unit, water cooling pump,cooling devices, automatic cooling system etc.

Customize your Lego PC basing on your needs


  • Size and shape of the Lego-made case
  • color of LEGO bricks
  • the material of the Lego PC motherboard (steel, aluminum, acrylic glass-PMMA)
  • computer components available on the market
  • arrangement of components
  • cooling components (water, air, combined cooling)
  • way of starting the computer (wireless, button, combined)
  • optimal computer noise (dB)
  • additional backlight
  • number of USB ports
  • location of USB ports in the housing made of Lego blocks
  • location of the audio connector: microphone input / headphone audio output
  • location of the graphics card connectors (HDMI, mini-HDMI, Displayport, DVI-I)
  • location of the induction charging of the telephone
  • 10 ”LCD panel displaying information about the computer's operating parameters
  • adding controllers (pads, steering wheel, joystick)
  • purpose of the computer: one off Lego case computer / Multi-workstation
  • number of required positions

Multi-workstation system

Lego Computer can be used in the Multi-station system . The system enables the use of a workstation as a central unit. You can create up to 6 positions in your home. Separate stations allow you to use the central unit in the best possible way. Users can work, watch movies, play games, browse the internet at one time in different rooms without any compromise. An efficient central unit can cope with the most demanding tasks. The system can be implemented as early as at the construction design stage of an apartment or house (non ho capito questa frase). You only need to choose the location of the central unit and the number of positions in the system. Proper operation of the Multi-station system requires appropriate HDMI cabling (image, sound) USB (keyboard, mouse, USB flash drive, printer, DVD-ROM, external drive, phone, USB hub in the monitor, etc.).

Sample system


A multi-station system can bring you many benefits:

  • One central unit, built with Lego bricks
  • Saving space in rooms where the other blocks are located
  • Saved money
  • Comfort for all users
  • Possible work on all positions at the same time
  • Utilization of the performance potential of the central unit to the highest degree

Play with your friends

Lego Computer can also replace game consoles. You no longer have to limit yourself to choosing a console. Lego PC allows you to play the latest computer games available on the market. Together with friends, you can compete and spend hours playing and having fun together. Choose your favorite pads, install the game and invite your friends to play together. Your Lego Computer will allow you to have fun together in the best visual and sound setting.